Ricarda Bichels

Why I am part of helping touch:

I’ve been pure luck. Happiness to be born in a safe country, to be able to go through my life healthy and to shape my life self-determined.

Many people in the world do not have this luck. I’m probably in the single digit percentage of being allowed to live the life I have.

I can’t shoot the whole world, even if I’d like to. But I can do my small part to bring a little more happiness, love, touch and maybe support into other people’s lives.

Helping touch allows me and many others who share my birth happiness to touch people here locally with a wonderful hand massage and create a beautiful moment, while raising money to help many others around the world make their difficult lives a little better.

To give back a little bit of the gift I’ve been given and maybe create a community that can do great things, that’s my vision for this club. Our oils help us to do this and bring a smile to the face of all who come to enjoy their use. I hope many ambassadors will join and we will no longer give only a small part, but a big world of people who want to help will be created.