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Touching people – helping people

»Nothing is any good unless it results in action. « (Erich Kästner)

Helping Touch connects and supports people locally and all over the world.

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We donate: Flood 2021

Heavy flooding, collapsed houses, missing and dead: rain and storms have left great destruction in their wake. Some rivers have overflowed their banks and flooded villages and roads.

Helping touch e.V. can help.

Especially the affected people from the doTERRA community and the organisations that are doing hard work on the ground.

helping touch e.V. asks for donations to support the people affected by the floods:

helping touch e.V.
Intended purpose: “Flood 2021”.
Donation account at Sparkasse Holstein
IBAN: DE 14 2135 2240 0179 2345 62

Our Vision

We want to contribute our share to improve the lives of those less fortunate then us. 

This is how you do it

You will receive an Aromatouch hand treatment with essential oils. This will take around ten minutes and is similar to a hand massage. But adding essential oils will make a big difference.
You can donate 5 euros if you want to.

The charity members

Matthias Quaritsch


Ricarda Bichels

2. Vorsitzende

Andrea Krey


Sabine Quaritsch

Sarah Schumacher

Gabi Brügmann

Katharina Burwitz

Manuela Aust

Sandra Hachenberger

Tanja Daniels

Claudia Blumenthal

Sigrun Czech

Madhavi Erhardt