Sarah Schumacher

When I heard Emily Wright talk about dōTERRA Healing Hands at the convention in Amsterdam in 2017, it completely blew me away. I thought the oils were great before too. But at that moment it was clear to me that I wanted to work for this company. And even more: that someday I would like to support one of the great projects that dōTERRA Healing Hands accompanies – wherever in the world. Preferably, of course, one where I can be active myself!


In October 2019, we started thinking internally within the team about how we can get involved socially. We considered whether we would be able to create our own project that could be recognized by dōTERRA Healing Hands. But we also wanted to help locally, because there are many people around us who could use our closeness and affection. Out of these various impulses, we came up with what I think is a great idea that I really love.
Because it combines so many goals that I had carried in my heart:
– Support people in third world countries, where we have only difficult access or cannot get to at all (under normal circumstances).
– Doing something good for people here on site
– get many of our teams on board and give them the opportunity to get involved

Anyone who knows me knows how much I like to touch people. “How do you greet a Sarah Schumacher in Corona times?” a very good friend asked me, whom I had the pleasure of meeting in August after a long time. Of course with a hug ;-).
Touch and closeness are for me essential elements in human togetherness and therefore Helping Touch is indeed my heart project.
What’s more, I love working across teams to create great things – the integration of some other wonderful dōTERRA Leaders enriches our project immensely and I am convinced that together we can achieve great things.

I really love the Aromatouch hand application myself – both giving it and receiving it. From there our project is a great win-win-win creation :-).
We all benefit from it! The “givers”, the recipients and of course the people who receive support on the ground from the dōTERRA Healing Hands projects.

I have already taken Helping Touch to my heart – I hope you love the idea as much as I do and become a Healing Touch Ambassador yourself. With this you can give touch to many people around you and at the same time do something good for many people far away. The fact that we can also integrate our wonderful oils, puts the fragrant crown on the whole :-).

Sarah Schumacher